History of Kapuvár

„Castrum nostum Copu”

The Western Gate: Kapuvár

Kapuvár is a small town in the heart of Győr-Moson-Sopron county, with a population of approximately 11 000. It is situated at meeting of two regions of Kisalföld (the Little Plain), Rábaköz and the Hanság basin. The main road number 85 crosses the town that lies at the bank of Kis-Rába. The railway station is located on the railway line connecting Győr and Sopron.

Kapuvár is the center of the region south of Lake Fertő. The east-west road was once controlled from the fort of the town. In the 10th century the town lied at the edge of the area of the conquering Hungarians, so it became the country’s western gate, hence the name of the town. The first written record originates from 1162. King Zsigmond bestowed the town upon the Kanizsai family, then in 1532 it became the property of the Nádasdy family via marriage. The town, which was fortified due to the Turkish threat, received the title of market town in 1558. It could not escape the devastation of war, and in 1594 it was occupied for a short period by the Turks. Ferenc Nádasdy – who participated in the conspiracy led by Wesselényi – was executed, and his estates passed to the Esterházy family in 1681.

During the Rákóczi’s War for Independence, significant battles were fought for the possession of the fort, eventually it was blown up by the Kuruc forces. The Esterházy family reconstructed the fort to a castle. The second part of the 19th century brought economic development, which is demonstrated by the long row of significant public buildings in the town center. In 1864 Baron Gusztáv Berg leased the domain of Kapuvár and developed it into a successful model farm.

The present townscape is the result of the improvement following 1945. During the 1950’s and ‘60’s Kapuvár became an important center of food, light and mechanical industry of the county. Several housing projects, new schools, a community center, a theater, an open-air bath and a museum were established. Therefore, Kapuvár received municipal rank again in 1969. The industrial park and the Hanság Resort Park planned next to the swimming bath and the thermal bath, are among the results of the development that followed the 1990’s. The monuments, the museum, the thermal bath, the educational building showcasing the Hanság Nature Conservation Area and the varied programs of the town attract numerous tourists, who can easily find a room to stay a couple of nights in our boarding houses and pensions.







The accessibility of the town is excellent by several means of transport. It can be approached on the main road number 85 connecting Sopron and Győr, on the railway line Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt and in the aspect of aviation, the Fertőszentmiklós private airport and Schwechat (Austria) international airport provides an opportunity to approach the town. Kapuvár is 40 kilometers from the exit of Győr and 50 kilometers from the exit of Mosonmagyaróvár of the motorway M1, 60 kilometers from the exit of Siegendorf of the motorway A3 and 50 kilometers from the exit of Pandorf of A4.

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