Dear Reader,

It is a great honor to greet you on behalf of the local board of Kapuvár. Our website has the purpose to inform the citizens, the enterprises and the investors that are interested in our town and wish to invest here about the latest development possibilities.

Kapuvár is a small town in the northwestern corner of Hungary. It is located 50 kilometers from Győr and 40 kilometers from Sopron, in the vicinity of Sopron-Kópháza-Fertőd border stations. The infrastructural network of the town is fully developed, its location in logistical sense is ideal. The distance of the international airports of Schwechat and Bratislava is only about 90 kilometers, moreover the Austrian and Hungarian motorways are only 40-60 kilometers away.

The local governemnt of Kapuvár lays great emphasis on the effort that development and improvement, which arise from taking advantage of the local natural resources, should result in the economical strengthening of the whole micro-region.

Our local specialties – such as medicinal water and carbonic acid snow therapy – help maintain health; the intact natural environment of Hanság guarantees recreation; the vivid popular tradition, the gastronomy and folk art contribute to the recognition of cultural values; and the industrial park makes it possible to sustain employment.
We kindly ask for your cooperation to fulfill the above-mentioned intentions.

A warm welcome awaits all our guests!

György Hámori mayor

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