Thermal bath and Apartment park
úszómedence . The first pool of Flóra Thermal and Open-air Bath was opened in 1981. The pool with a water surface of 400 m2 is equipped with a water rotational system, and contains cleaned, pipelined drinking water, similarly to the study pool with a surface of 200 m2 and the two children’s pools built in 1982.

termál gyógymedenceThe open-air bath of the town became a thermal bath, when the thermal medicinal pool was accomplished in 1983. After that the medical examinations had proved that the thermal water was not only able to cure locomotor disorders but respiratory diseases as well,hence an inhalation brushwood cabin was also built on the site of the bath. The bath has been awaiting the guests all the year round since 2006.




Thermal bath and Apartment park

Flóra GyógyfürdőThe Flóra Health Park and Medicinal Bath is a lesser known but exceptionally valuable thermal bath with unique characteristics in the West-Transdanubian region. Medicinal water of special components, appealing natural environment, atmosphere of intimacy and professional staff take care that the guests can heal and relax in ideal environment.

The services of the health center include beauty and health treatments as well as treatments and services related to maintenance of the harmony between body and soul. Besides these treatments, emphasis is laid on alternative and regular curing techniques, of which field of services are continuously broadening.

úszómedence Main health services:

  • dental treatments,
  • medical treatments (physiotherapy, allergy examination, rheumatology, thermographical examination),
  • bone density test,
  • subwater jet massage,
  • acupuncture,
  • medicinal massage,
  • carbon dioxide bath.

Main beauty services:

  • hairdresser’s,
  • pedicure, manicure,
  • beauty salon,
  • Finnish sauna.

In the building three medicinal water effervescent baths of different sizes and a cold water gymnastic pool can be found, which serve the guests' comfort.

ApartmanházakThe apartments of the Flora Apartment Park currently offer accommodation for 32 persons.

Magdaléna Camping, which is a family friendly, newly built camping-site can be found 150 meter away from the open-air bath. 

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