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Industrial Park

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Kapuvár Industrial Park Ltd. acquired a right to possess the title of qualified industrial park through a tender of the Ministry of Economy in 2000. Following that, the development of infrastructure and road network began.



The local government has invested more than 500 million HUF in the industrial park.







Due to the developments, besides the old ones, several new enterprises established company seats and widened their fields of activities. Besides the traditional food and light industry, companies working in new industries are also present.

By using the name of industrial park, the town not only gained a prestigious name, but also access to numerous tenders and applications.










The area of the first phase of Kapuvár Industrial Park is surrounded by the railway line, Keleti Road, Fürdő Street, road number I. and IV. The first phase of the park lies on an area of 67 hectares. The industrial and economic areas are separated by shelter forests from the residential areas. The main road of the first phase is Ipartelepi Street, which connects main road number 85 and Vasút sor Road. It has stressed importance to lead away heavy traffic south from the town, so that it avoids the town center. The industrial park is directly connected to the railway line of Gysev between Győr and Sopron. At the railway station loading ramp, freight trains and passenger traffic units can also be found.

Road number 85, which handles freight and passenger traffic between Győr and Sopron, crosses the industrial park. Three border stations can be reached by using the main road. Due to the favorable location, public transport on rail and on public road is also available. For the passengers of the inter-town bus services, bus stops in the area of the industrial park are at disposal. Local bus services for the employees are also available.

The condition of roads and public utilities in the industrial park is perfect, they were completely renewed recently.



Gross total area

72 hectares

Net total area

62 hectares

Possible extension

35 hectares

Built-in areas

41 hectares

Areas under contract

5,3 hectares

Open development areas available

10+5 hectares

Largest continuous area

10 hectares

Minimal size of the plot

 0,3 hectares

Rate of building in

50 %

Minimal rate of green areas

30 %

Maximum height of the buildings

12,5 meters

 Road network of the industrial park

¨      Length

¨      Width

¨      Max. capacity


2 kms

7 meters

12 tons

Previous utilization (agricultural / industrial etc.)


Danger of inundation


Danger of earthquake


Soil pollution


Water pollution


Underground water-level

2 meters

Wooded area in the industrial park


Permitted noise level

according to general regulations

Ground level differences

0 %

Brownfield option?


Owner: RÁBA Plc. (RÁBA Rt.)

¨      Office building

¨      Warehouse

¨      Industrial unit

¨      Social unit 


1 piece           1200 m²

11 pieces       500 m2

3 pieces        1500 m2, 1100 m2




Current capacity

Optional capacities


 2 MW

5 MW


 1500 m3 / hour

unlimited m3/hour

Drinking water

2200 m3/day

10 000 m3/day


open ditches


Sewage water

2200 m3/day 

10000 m3/day 

Firefighting water

network of fire hydrants


Phone line



Internet, ISDN, ADSL






Net price of the plot (guiding price)

10 EUR/m2  + VAT

Charge for use of the public utilities



                   according to the regulation no. 8/2005(01.21.) of the Ministry of Economy and Transport

                    industrial water

                   drinking water


                   sewage water

                   firefighting water 


62.68 HUF/m3+ 2 HUF/m3 energy tax
peak time 19 988 HUF/kW/year +15 Ft/kwh
outside peak time 13 200 HUF/kw/year +10 HUF/kwh
reactive 2.4 HUF/kVa/h

160 HUF/m3 + Vat


287 HUF/m3 + Vat

Public utilities development fee

                        industrial water
                        drinking water
                        sewage water
                        firefighting water 


100 000 HUF/m3 + Vat
middle voltage: 10 500 HUF/kWA + Vat+network construction costs
low voltage: 12 000 HUF/kWA + Vat
75 000 HUF/m3 + Vat
175 000 Ft/m3 + Vat

Local business tax

2 %

Building tax

0 EUR/ m2 / year

Plot of ground tax

0,15 EUR/ m2 / year



Classification of the area

Industrial park



Regulation plan?


Profile of the area

industrial productive, logistics, commerce, manufacturing, other services

Activities excluded

no such activity named

Supported activities

any productive, service activity, especially electronics, innovative industries, environmental industry, food processing industry, activities employing outworkers, machine industry, agricultural and food industry byproduct processing



Operating organization

Kapuvár Industrial Park Ltd. (Kapuvári Ipari Park Kft.)

Owner and rate of ownership

Kapuvár Town Council (100% )

Persons in charge of sale:

György Hámori mayor

Gábor Cs. Németh deputy mayor

Person in charge of administrative tasks:

László Németh manager


1 Fő Square, Kapuvár 9330


+ 36 96 596007; + 36  96 596000


+ 36 96 596005




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