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Cycling tourism

The Bicycle Center that was named after Istók Hany offers wide scale of services and the closeness to the nature for visitors.

The local information office is at the guests’ disposal by organizing cycling, fishing and other excursions and cultural programs. In the internet café the guests can surf on the internet while sipping a cup of hot coffee. The restaurant awaits the guests with local gastronomic specialties.

40 rentable bicycles are available for the tourists. In the conference hall high standard programs, product presentations, economic and other conferences can be organized.

In the building sculptor Pál Pátzay’s works of art can be admired. The building keeps alive the memory of one of the remarkable persons of the local cultural history, Istók Hany, who is remembered as the son of the marshes, and was baptized in Kapuvár in 1749. His memory is kept alive by local tradition and folklore. The guests can relax in rooms for 2-4 persons after a long excursion.


The target groups of Hanyistók Bicycle Center are the locals of Kapuvár, the micro-region and on the Austrian side the residents living in the area of Lake Fertő. Primarily it aims people fond of bicycle tourism, local gastronomy, rural tourism, hiking and cultural tourism.

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