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The 67 °C thermal water of Kapuvár is qualified as medicinal water. Read more about here (gyogyito_viz_en.df)






The expression above was used by a journalist from Graz, who visited the Angiological Department of Sándor Lumniczer Hospital and Clinic of Kapuvár, to describe the special and unique medical treatment system (carbonic acid gas bath) considered as HUNGARICUM applied to cure patients suffering from peripheral angiopathy. It is well-known that approx 3-400 thousand patients in Hungary, 60-70 million in Europe and ten millions on the other continents are affected by this disease. It can be stated that it is a pandemic disease similarly to tuberculosis or Black Death of the old times.

The therapeutic use of carbon dioxide in the past.

The beneficial effects of this special bath method were already known in the Roman era. Later, in the 16th century Paracelsus took advantage of the method, mainly for curing burns and ulcers. Since the 19th century the utilization of the Transylvanian mofettes by the traditional medicine has been mentioned in several documents. In Europe well-known carbon dioxide baths can be found in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Transylvania (Romania). In Hungary at first Dr. Pál Schwartz applied artificial carbon dioxide bath (in bath-tub) in Mihályi in 1940’s. Later he continued the treatments in the hospital of Kapuvár. The carbon dioxide for the treatments was obtained from gas-fields that were exploited in the 1930’s and ‘40’s by deep-boring. Schwartz applied the bath successfully for the treatment of chronic joint diseases.


An Introduction to the Carbon Dioxide Bath of Kapuvár – By Dr. Farkas Ballagi (szensav_bemutatasa_en.pdf)


„The island of hope for patients suffering from angiopathy”

Carbon dioxide is present in our lives: it regulates the respiration and the circulation. Experience proves that it absorbs through the skin and expends the blood vessels locally under the skin. The cardiac functions improve; the superfluous gas leaves through the lung. This determines the indication of the treatment, since it is recommended to patients whose respiratory surface has decreased or the cardiac functions have declined and can not be burdened.

The base of the therapy, the carbonic acid gas bath burdens the body less than the so-called acid water, namely the own pressure of the water. Every age-group can take its advantages; it is not linked to any specific age.

Carbonic acid gas was first used to cure patients suffering from vaso-constriction, then leg ulcer and rheumatism with excellent results. The treatment was widened by a science-based development; therefore the main indications of the carbonic acid gas bath are the followings:

chronic artery diseases of the limbs, chronic venous insufficiency, chronic lymphoedema, vasomotor disorders, rehabilitative treatment of sportsmen and enhancement of their physical performance, recreational treatment of managers, treatment of potency disorders.

It can be stated that the patients leave in good functional condition, with better performance and physically and mentally refreshed after the three-week-long therapy connected with the carbonic acid gas bath of Kapuvár.

By repeating the bath cure every year, relapse of the angiopathy, complications with the loss of the limbs and disablement are likely to be avoidable.

The carbonic acid gas bath enhances the performance of healthy but tired, exhausted people and has calming effect.


The Ward of Angiology and Rehabilitation of the Lumniczer Sándor Hospital & Clinics of Kapuvár currently has a capacity to provide complex therapeutic treatment to a total of 134 patients with peripheral vascular diseases at a time.

Opened in September 2010, the new facility was built with priority funding from the European Union offering 2-bed room accommodation with Euro comfort level to satisfy 21st century needs.

Currently, the hospital has 20-25 beds reserved for EU citizens and patients from non-EU countries. This figure only applies to the current period and the hospital’s own development projects may increase this capacity in the future.






Below is a brief summary on treatment expenses:

  • Treatment for Hungarian citizens is provided on the basis of a contract between OEP (the Hungarian National Health Insurance Fund) and the hospital providing the treatment.
  • Treatment expenses are defined by the EU harmonisation with consideration to the agreements between the affected countries and OEP. 
  • Non-EU patients pay treatment expenses based on free market prices essentially based on agreements signed between the contracting parties.




The most important indications of the carbon dioxide bath:

  • chronic arteriosclerosis and embolism that are inoperable or not require operation,
  • after-treatment of circulation improving and restoring vascular operation,
  • chronic vein insufficiency,
  • first- and second-degree frostbite,
  • slowly-healing ulcer,
  • lymphoedema.



Based on the above mentioned facts we can state that patients after a 3-week-therapy leave relieved and without any complaint. As the first step of the recovery, due to this unique treatment not only in Hungary but on a larger geographical scale, patients can be freed from their pain. Instead of crutches, choose the blood vessel rehabilitation treatments of Kapuvár!



There are newspaper articles vascular patients and rehabilitation (cikkek_eng.pdf)

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