Tourism development in Kapuvár

Presentation of the development areas

Why Kapuvár? -

  1. Flóra Thermal and Open-air Bath, Health Center and Apartment Park
    The Flóra Open-air Bath is the property of Kapuvár Town Council. /Area marked by number 1 on the map./ The owner and the operating company takes meticulous care in developing the establishment and improving the level of services. The scale of entertainment is continuously widening, besides the traditional open-air bath, fun and recreational elements are also added. The Flóra Health Center and Apartment Park was also established by the operating company of the open-air bath. Currently a new service building is being planned, which aims to establish new accommodations and high-quality services.


  2. Resort area /Area marked by number 2 on the map./
    This is where the above mentioned Hanyistók Bicycle Center can be found. The development area of approximately 5 hectares is aimed for establishing hotels, adventure bath, entertainment and catering facilities. This part of the town is covered by arboretum-like vegetation. It offers beautiful, atmospheric appearance and pleasant environment for all who wishes to relax and rehearse here. The public utilities were established on the development areas in 2003, meaning that pipelined water, sewage, gas and partially electrical system was constructed.

    According to the detailed lay-out plan, these properties are considered to be special plots; therefore, buildings and areas planned to be established here has to fulfill the following requirements: 

      - the size of the plot has to be at least 2000 m² 
      - building has to be placed at least 10 meters from the street and has to be separated from it by a front yard
      - the maximum permissible rate of being covered by buildings is 40% 
      - the maximum permissible height of the buildings is 10,5 m 
      - the minimum rate of green area is 40% of the plot.

    The prices of the development areas depend on negotiations with the would-be investors. At agreements our town offers different reductions in price depending on the size of the project.

    The primary condition of appropriate tourism is high-quality and professional catering trade and suitable training and supply of qualified staff. The Gusztáv Berg Vocational School of Kapuvár provides education in the field of catering trade. Besides that, language courses and other vocational trainings and further education are continuously organized.
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